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Expungements – Prop 47

Route 66 Law Firm > Expungements – Prop 47
Besides losing your freedom, a criminal conviction can have long lasting consequences even after you have long paid your debt to society! Many unforeseen consequences of a conviction can also include
  •  Loss of Employment Opportunity
  •  Loss of Child Custody and Visitation
  •  Landlord’s Refusal to Rent Property to You
  •  Denied University Applications
  •  Rejection of License or Certifications by State Licensing Board
If you have once paid a debt to society, don’t let a past mistake keep you from moving forward in life. An arrest or conviction is difficult already by itself.
But luckily in California, the law has allowed for a certain subset of individuals to become eligible for the expungement process wherefore you can answer to prospective employer or landlord “NO” when asked the proverbial question “Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor?”
The California voters recently passed an initiative known as the Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act which provides an opportunity to those once convicted of non-violent offenses such as drug possession and theft go back into court and have their felonies reduced to misdemeanors. This law is pivotal for the criminal justice community because law enforcement can now focus their efforts toward punishing real criminals that pose a threat to society.
Call the Route 66 Law Group and speak to an attorney that will evaluate your past indiscretion and let you know whether you are eligible for either an expungement or re-designation of sentencing. We all make mistakes, but that should not let it stop from you realizing the brighter future that you deserve. We are here to help, and would love nothing more than to watch our client go back into the real world with a clean slate.

If you are looking for excellent legal services for Expungements/Prop 47 in the Inland Empire, including Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Ontario, Upland, Pomona, and even Los Angeles County or Orange County, then contact us.